Fundraising Ideas can be easy,elementary fundraisers to high school fundraiser.Here is an easy school fundraising idea using free prescription cards.
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School Fundraising Idea


                                                                                                       Easy School Fundraising Idea

School Fundraising can be easy, elementary fundraisers to highschool fundraising. Here is an easy School Fundraising Idea using free prescription cards.

                             School  Fundraising Idea

Start Your Easy School Fundraising Campaign Today

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Start generating income immediately simply by having people submit this card to the pharmacy with their prescription. Easy School Fund Raising using prescription cards. This program can help those with or without insurance save on medications. Always check the RxCut® price!

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Imagine a school fund raising program where the school gets paid for something that you just give away. Then, imagine that something saves people 15% to 85% off something they are required to purchase time and time again. Better yet, every time they save money, you make money.  Program can assist organizations in fundraising using the discount pharmacy cards.

RxCut®, the free pharmacy savings card, was created to help people across the US and Puerto Rico obtain affordable prescriptions. The card is accepted at over 54,000 chain and independent pharmacies and provides cost savings on all FDA approved brand and generic prescriptions with savings ranging from 15% to 85%.

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By giving the RxCut Prescription discount cards away for FREE to people that can use them, you earn a commission every time they save on their prescriptions.

Not every Prescription Drug Card Distributor offers a fund raiser program but the RxCut Card does and makes it very easy to implement. The distributor supplies your Organization with UV coated cards “branded” to your specifications. The only cost to the Organization is a small printing charge.


Your Organization distributes the cards to your Membership through any channels that apply. Each time your Member fills a Prescription; your Organization receives a $1.50. Good News Travels Fast!  Your Members can also refer their family, friends, relatives and colleagues to a designated web site to print a card and the Association receives $1.50 from their use as well.


There is even saving benefits for your Members by using the RxCut Card for their pet medications prescribed by the Veterinarian.  As well, also includes prescriptions written by your Member’s Dentist.

As easy fundraisers go, this one meets all of the criteria; it provides significant value to your Members, no substantial cost to the Organization, no creditability risk to the Organization, residual income that “multiplies” through Members referring others, and once introduced to the Members, the Program requires zero maintenance.

In addition to the free RXCut Discount Prescription Card, you will also be able to present money saving discount programs on, Dental CareVision CareHearing Care,Doctors by Phone and Health Advocates.

With over four billion prescriptions filled annually and with almost 100 million people uninsured or underinsured, there is a huge market for people who need help with their prescription costs.

With the rising cost of medical and dental coverage and the growth in high deductible health plans, there is a growing need for low cost, discount based medical, dental and vision plans.

Think of all the people you can provide these plans to, churches, charities, doctors, clinics, restaurants, businesses, family, friends and neighbors. You can help 100s or 1000s of people save money on their healthcare needs and every time they do, you get paid.

The Program Highlights

  1. No enrollment fees
  2. Everyone qualifies
  3. All cards are active
  4. Unlimited uses
  5. Card Never expires
  6. Works for pet medications
  7. No activation or enrollment
  8. No personal information needed
  9. Works for all FDA approved medications
  10. Share your card or print one for your family, friends, co-workers and your community

Sounds Crazy but… Distributing Free Pharmacy Discount Cards  Can Build Goodwill and School Brand Loyalty

School Fundraising Idea

Benefits in Becoming an Authorized

Non-Profit / Agent

If your Organization is looking for a school fundraising idea that provides significant value to your Members and generates a steady stream of revenue for your Organization, you may want to consider distributing Rx Benefits Cards as part of your strategy for 2013. A high percentage of your Members will consider it a gift that adds significant value to their Membership.  Benefits include:


  • Always receive the lowest Prescription Price, up to 93% no matter where you shop! The Rx Benefits Card is accepted at over 60,000 Pharmacies Nationwide including Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart, Target, Sams, RiteAid, Grocery Stores & more.
  • When your Member fills Prescriptions; your Organization receives $1.20 for each Prescription filled using the Rx Benefits Card.
  • This Fundraiser provides residual income that “multiplies” through Members referring their friends, family and colleagues, anywhere in the Nation.

Becoming an authorized fund raising agent is a great opportunity to create your own successful business while doing something important for the millions of Americans that need help by lowering their health care costs.

When you become an approved Authorized agent you will receive:

  • Your own personal website driven by state of the art technology
  • Back office login to track your commissions
  • 5,000 customized Prescription Discount Cards containing your unique Group #
  • Access to all marketing materials and tools
  • Full company training, support and coaching
  • Ability to earn income for referring others to become authorized fundraising school / agent
  • Multi-tiered compensation based on the schedule below:

YouLevel 2Level 3Level 4
RxCut Card$1.50$0.35$0.10$0.05
GBR Vision$2.50$0.40$0.00$0.00
GBR Dental$2.50$0.40$0.00$0.00
GBR Select$3.50$0.55$0.00$0.00
GBR Plus$8.00$1.00$0.00$0.00
Recruitment BonusYouLevel 2Level 3Level 4
Signed Agent$0.00$79.00$0.00$0.00